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December 22, 2015

Grinch Day in Kinder

So let me admit, this day was totally just thrown together last minute. But I was reading all of these blogs about classrooms celebrating Grinch Day, well I just had to as well! Then I found out my first grade teacher was doing it as well, icing on the cake!

So Sunday I spent part of my day making plans. Now what I really wanted to do was find a T-shirt with the grinch to wear to school on Tuesday. I ran over to Target and they only had one left! Unfortunately it was two sizes too big. I picked it up anyway, with hope I'd find one that fits beforehand. (That didn't happen - but you better believe I am ordering one for next year!)

I have used how The Grinch Stole Christmas in the past, so I had some literacy activities to use. I created a quick grinch story problem for addition since it is a skill we are working on in class. I created it has a full sheet so I could included it in their math portfolios. The rest of the day just sort of all came together.

We started the day by reading the story. Afterwards I re-created this awesome punch a bunch. 

Included inside was a comprehension questions for the story.  My kinders loved it!

During our reading we created a list of adjectives that described the Grinch. 

After reading we were able to compare the Grinch from the beginning of the story to the end and discuss his changes.

As a whole group writing activity we respond to the prompt - How would you make the Grinch grin? 

Then I re-created these cute and simple Grinch crafts to go with it. So cute. I have to say, my aide and I learn a lot from each other. She is a retired Kindergarten teacher and has been such a wonderful resource. One thing I learned was to pre-cut pieces for projects and place them in individual baggies. Duh Kristen! Such a lifesaver for wanting to make certain activities go more quickly.

With our final time before lunch we did this 100s chart coloring project. I loved having them work on the floor because they made their own little groups and naturally were helping each other.

Phew and that was just the morning! This afternoon we spent in church doing a Jesse Tree program and celebrating our Sister in the lunch room with cookies and hot cocoa.

So all in all the day was awesome. I can't wait to do more with it next year.  Now tomorrow is the final day before break. Woohoo! And we get to come to school in our PJs and drink hot cocoa. Sounds like a great day.

Check out my pinterest for more awesome ideas from creative teachers! 

Happy teaching,

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