December 24, 2015

An empty classroom

Finally. We are all finally on break! Can you believe it!? Yesterday our day ended at 11:45 and I left school around 5pm. Right after school we had a little ornament exchange with our staff.

How cute is my ornament?! My secret gift giver knows me so well. I currently have her daughter in my classroom and she gave her the final decision. This one won! I love it so much and can't wait to see it on my tree every year.

Afterwards I took down most of the Christmas decorations. Not all, as we are still in the Christmas season when we return to school. I switched over our calendar, changed our monthly books and made my desk visible again. LOL

Bring on January!

I have to say, it felt good to stay and work in my classroom. Monday thru Thursday I am leaving right away to go to my other job. I appreciate any time I get in there. I do plan to go up at least one day over break to get some paperwork done. 

But as for now, we are on break. Enjoy it!

Happy (no)Teaching!


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