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March 10, 2016

Holy Week in Kindergarten

Can you believe Easter is literally right around the corner!? AHH! I am so not ready! Well, with the coming of Easter comes a very special time for us Christians - Holy Week. This is a time when I get to teach my kinders the true meaning of Easter - and it is not the Easter Bunny! ;)

I have compiled some of the ideas I have come across in hopes that it will aide you in your planning for Holy Week. They are low prep activities - because I need to start teaching this next week!
During the season of Lent we have be walking with Christ with some activities from Catholic Icing.
Catholic Icing

You need to check out her website, she is truly a blessing to us Catholic School Teachers!

Free Resources

I am so beyond grateful that many of the resources I use to supplement by Catholic teaching are FREE. WOOHOO! But I would also gladly pay for products that people like Kinder Craze share.


Maria shares so many amazing ideas. Be sure to check her out! She  creates wonderful sight word readers that I am obsessed with using in my classroom.

Click here for her Holy Week version. 

Palm Sunday

I modified this quick little project from a resource on Oriental Trading. I will make it will my students and we will dance and sing Hosanna! I LOVE to teach my students praise and worship songs! As they say, singing is like praying two times! We need to teach our little ones that praying is just talking to God. There is no wrong way to do that!

Good Friday

I was SO excited to have one of my students ask WHY is it called GOOD Friday? It was a bad day! AMEN! She got it! I love this song for that reason. Yes, it was a bad, sad and mad day. But it is a GOOD day because we were given a new life!

Resurrection Eggs

A few years ago I scored these Resurrection Eggs for my classroom. I got them at Hobby Lobby for half price! (I always shop after holidays) I use them in my classroom by opening one egg each day. I will begin this next week, as there are 12 eggs to get through.

I love being able to read verses from the Bible. We quiet our bodies and our hearts in order to hear God's word. There is nothing more POWERFUL than watching a child pray.

FREE Art Projects

This is an art project that I am very excited to do with my students! My kiddos love to paint! We will draw on our crosses with crayons as we discuss Good Friday.

Idea from: 
Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections

Another project I have done in the past was a great way to discuss the Stations of the Cross. 

This little craft from Charlotte's Clips is a great visual sequence of the events of Holy Week. 

I have not made this wheel yet from Brittany Brune, but how fun and interactive is this!

Over Break

I believe in sending home work that extends the learning from the classroom. I have found that many parents are not entirely sure of how to discuss some subjects. What a wonderfully important job we have as educators! I create a little packet to send home with my students over Easter break using these printables from Teaching Heart Colleen Gallagher

Here is another resource you could utilize. Create a mini book and send it home with your students and have them work through it with their families. 

Books I Use

(Personal Photos of books to come)

Below are some books that I have collected and LOVE to use with my students. Click here to go to a page that contains an abundance of books to utilize for Easter. I am pretty excited that Scholastic Book Clubs has some great books for us as well!

More Resources!

Digital Easter Story [Religious]

The Easter Story Religious Reader

Looking for More?

 Catholic Tool Box      The Story of Holy Week      Loyola Press    When in doubt...Pinterest!

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  1. Quite an interesting article! This holy week in your kindergarten looks fun-filled and enjoyable. Thanks for these photos. I have arranged various Easter activities in my Phoenix kindergarten and kids love taking part in those activities.