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August 27, 2011

It All Happened So Fast!!!

 So - here I am thinking that I will not be teaching for the school year when all of a sudden I get a call a week before school starts that a principal would like me to take a Kindergarten position. WOW!!! So here I am, school starts on Monday and I have spent a total of 11 hours in my classroom. I guess it is as ready as it ever will be. My idea is that my room is going to look completely different that it will on the first day.

On Thursday I had meet the parents night - I did not really know what to expect considering this is going to be my first classroom. The parents were great and I am glad that I went in with the mind set of just being open to the whole thing. Leaving that evening I realized that out of my 17 kids 11 of them are boys!!! These poor little girls and I are going to have our hands full that is for sure.

The closer I get to Monday the more excited I am. While I may not have a lot of experience with Kinder I completely love what I do and have a great support system all around me. Now - as for the rest of the weekend, I sure hope Hurricane Irene does NOT knock out my power tomorrow cause I have some things to do for my first day!!!

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