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August 29, 2011

First Day

Well - I SURVIVED! haha

Surprisingly I was not super nervous this morning. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I did not have a chance to sit and think about what was happening in my life at that moment.  Today was actually a lot of fun. I only had one kid who cried today, and they were not big tears, just upset about missing his mommy. All day he kept asking me like every 45 minutes "Is it time to go home yet?". I have two little kiddos who are going to totally be my sweethearts and want a hug about 50 times a day and will always try to sit on my lap. And that is okay, my goal for the end of the year is for them to be more outgoing. (Hello - they are 5, they have every right to be shy haha) And then my two little crazy boys. Well, lets just say they will keep me moving; and talking ;).

Today was a lot of going over rules for being in school: no running, how to walk in a line, following directions, listening to others, and raising your hand. And to be honest I was pretty surprised how mature they looked at the end of the day. Of course there will always be get up and walk around and do what you want - but I want to make this as minimal as possible and as quickly as possible.

School lets out at 2:20 and I was there until 5:30 today! Putting together my parent folders that did not get to go out at the meet the parent night and decorating the classroom. I had to put up my alphabet, manners poster, and lots tooth poster (which already has a name on it!)

I also introduced my kiddos to the smart board - which they loved and I am super excited to utilize throughout the entire year!

OH!!! Of course I find this awesome idea to do with "The Kissing Hand" for the first day when I got home - oh well, totally using it next year!

My classroom is now beginning to actually look like a classroom and I think once there is a ton of student work on the walls it will truly feel complete and like home. 

All in all I can truly say I had a great day and did not realize how exhausted I was until I sat down at the end of the day. These little ones will really keep me moving throughout the day this year and I could not be more excited for it!!

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