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June 1, 2016

Taking Time For Yourself

The end of the year is here. The craziness of wrapping everything up and packing up the classroom is upon me. During this time is never fails that I am exhausted and forget to take care of ME. Anyone else feel that way? Yeah, I do it WAY to often. The beginning of the year I am coming off the summer of eating right and working out. Therefore, I feel awesome. then the craziness its.

Well my partner and I were just having this conversation, he's in the science field and could work until 9pm every night. We both throw ourselves into our work and are successful at what we do as a result. But that is how relationships suffer, both with ourselves and those around us. This year I have worked to leave work at work. NOT easy as a [Kindergarten] teacher!

So on Friday I get a call of let's go away for the three day weekend. YES please! I was thinking maybe wine country or somewhere in NY. He was thinking Canada! What a surprise when he shared that with me when I got to his place. I was so excited. It was so spontaneous and that is something I was forgetting to do - live in the moment.

So after a shower and a stop at my house for my passport we were off!

Now I am not saying you need to leave the country to get some perspective, but I am saying you need to occasionally adopt the motto of "it can wait". Did I have a lot to do? Absolutely! Did the world end because I didn't do it? NO! Don't forget that.

So - since my blog name rings true - I LOVE to travel so this trip seemed so natural. Minus the fact we were so NOT prepared - forgot to call our card companies, didn't have cash, gps didn't include Canada and cell phones didn't work. But ya know what - it was the best time I had in a long time. :)

CN Tower - Toronto

Ripley's Aquarium - Toronto

Toronto Zoo

Niagara Falls

To go with taking time for myself, I have gotten back into my hobby of photography. I have to \credit that to Teachers Pay Teachers! Feels good to do what you enjoy. 

Now, go do something for yourself.

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