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May 8, 2016

Wizard of Oz in Kindergarten {& a FREEBIE!}

I have a new found love - flipping my classroom! As I grow and develop as an educator, so does my teaching creativity! Since I feel more confident in my teaching abilities, I begin to take more risks. I push my students to reach new abilities and support them every step of the way.

This year I have a grandmother who helped me flip my classroom by lending me decorations from her work with plays at the high school. They kids are loving it!! See our Cinderella theme here.

My class knew that I was getting to work on our room Friday after school and they were just too excited!

So here is what my kids walked into on Monday morning. I don't have a picture of our yellow brick road. But, all I did was use yellow tape to make bricks coming into the room from my door.

 The Forest

 Poppy Field

Welcome to the Emerald City!

Right?! How fun is this! I had a meeting Monday afternoon but there was no way I was missing their faces. I came to school dressed as Dorothy (an old Halloween costume) and read them a bit of the book before I left.

I'll admit - I was a little worried about reading them this long book. But then I thought about how well they sit for me when we listen to chapter books! So I felt I did not need a pop up book or a shorter version to hold their attention.


As the year winds down I am struggling to fit 4 math and 4 reading centers into our day. So for this week (due to a hectic schedule) I am having 4 centers.

1. ABC Order

Fairy Tale ABC Order

2. Rain or Shine

This is a cute game that I am having them play. It is weather theme to go with our week and they are working on equal and unequal parts.

3. Addition 

Wizard of Oz Adding & Subtracting Practice Sheets (10) w/

4. Writing/Craft 

What would you ask the wizard for? (Psst! It's a freebie from Kelly!)
Wizard of Oz writing prompt craftivity

Flip Book

Wizard of Oz *double sided* Story Elements Flip book
The end of the story we completed this adorable flip book to review what we read.

FREEBIE: Comprehension Test 

Since I used this story in place of our weekly read aloud, I created a comprehension test to use with it. And as a THANK YOU for reading my blog I want to give it to you as a FREEBIE!  Click the image below to go grab it. I am a little obsessed with clip-art by Edu Clips - so there is a version where you students simply have to circle or color their answer!

Make Learning Fun

That is my motto for my classroom! And one way I do that is by utilizing digital interactive notebooks. A friend said it best "Kinders can do anything!" and that includes typing on the smart board and my iPad.

I created a digital character traits flip book and a story elements flip book to use in my classroom. We are not 1:1 so we do all work on my board. Check it out by clicking the image below. 

And remember - you had the magic all along!

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