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June 2, 2016

Last Week of School, Let's Go Camping!

I always think how interesting it is that I never seem to do the same thing each year. As educators we are constantly evolving and revamping our activities and procedures. Sometimes we can get more accomplished than other years. All of these are directly related to the classes that we have each year.

This year I was beyond blessed with an amazing group. They were bright, fun and hard working. We had an extraordinary year! Due to them working so hard I was able to take risks with my teaching, not always a easy thing to decide to do. However, I felt that the rewards were much greater than the risks. And I was right! Taking the risk to go above and beyond enhanced my student's learning and so many different levels. Isn't that the reason we teach?! 

As you saw throughout my posts I have had a BLAST transforming my classroom. Even more so it got my students ENGAGED and EXCITED! From Wizard of Oz to Cinderella to Camping - I challenged myself as a teacher.Transformations are certainly hard work and there can be an expense, but it is worth it. (You need to follow Hope King and Wade King on Instagram to see awesome and inspiring transformations).

Camp Read S'more

So now onto the final transformation in my Kindergarten classroom. Now, if you are anything like me - you also love pinterest. :) Click below to go to my camping themed board and see where I got some of my ideas.

I based my theme all around the centers we would be doing. Normally I create 4 math and 4 ELA centers, however - we have 3 days left so I put together 4 centers totally. I went all out for my kids (because they deserve it) and centers are their favorite part of the day.

I spent about $50 through oriental trading and the rest I brought from home (we grew up camping). To help me with my centers I turned to TPT and The First Grade Parade (Yes - TPTers buy too!)

Camping Capers {Math, Literacy, & Science Activities}

My favorite part about this product is that I can use it for grades K-2! Such a win!


This is such a fun and simple center! I wrote sight words on the stars and hung them in my room. My students will use the flashlights to find the sight words and record.

ABC Order

An oldie but a goodie! They will be putting 6 camping themed words in order. They will then write and illustrate a sentence! The best part is that they are doing this in the "woods". Love it!


Oh yes, they are throwing on their life vests and going fishing.....for facts! They will be solving addition and subtraction problems and sorting them.


This is my FAVORITE center. They will be working to build smores while they are building words. We have been working on long vowels so this is perfect! Of course we are doing this by the campfire. I can't wait to surprise my students with these s'more oreos! Spoiler - they are delicious! 

And with that my friends, year five is in the books. I am not sure what next year will bring, be it subbing or finding a new school to call home. All I know is that it will be a year filled with learning!

What I $pent

The signs were $6.50. They were HUGE! I love them.
The trees were $8.50 a piece, and I purchased two. They were pretty flimsy and not the best quality. But they worked and I was able to store them for next year. 
The fire was $9.99 and really worth it because of what it added to my room setting. Be prepared - every single segment needs to be blown up individually. Annoying when you go to deflate it,

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