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December 10, 2015

Little Quack

This week our Read Aloud is Little Quack

I am quite impressed that I am right on target with last year. WOOHOO! Now, that does mean that in order to get all my stories in this year we are working like crazy over the next two weeks. But, I have faith in my kiddos!

I don't know about you, but my classroom is just crazy right now. We are (as you know) traveling around the world every few days. And I like to take on a lot, but it is worth it. All for the kiddos right?! In addition to our worldly travels, we are preparing for your Christmas program. Honestly, the only thing I taught today was Religion, centers and a math daily problem solving. WHAT! Oy. Kills me a little. BUT BUT BUT, they learned so much today! Almost everything I do is cross-curricular. And today we had a special guest speaker. A priest from the local Byzatine church came and told us about the Christmas traditions he celebrates with his family that are from the old country. I loved it! He talked with us for an hour! And whats better, my kids were so engaged and respectful. Such a proud teacher moment.

Now, since centers are really the main part of my instruction this week. They better be good! Here is what's happening in our Reading Centers:

Writing: We wrote about our favorite little duck.  I love our writing because this is when my aide can work on skills with a small group. Ya know, since we have not gotten any books yet. Yup 66 days of teaching without books. Interesting things in PA.
 Phonics - letter of the week is Rr. And I am loving these letters wheels from My Happy Place.
 Listening and Guided Readings - This is where I shine with my little ones and grow them as confident readers!
 Drawing pictures of objects that begin with /r/.

Happy Teaching! 

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