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January 3, 2017

Decimal Review - Pirate Theme

I am always inspired by amazing educators and what they do to engage their students. For some time now I have been wanting to think of an activity to do with my students to review operations with decimals. Inspiration came through this amazing Pirate theme that Hope King created in her classroom. Read about her transformation here.

Now I know some teachers think that it may be crazy to complete a classroom transformation. But let me tell you - it is very doable! I am going to walk your through our engaging week with math - pirate theme!!

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The Transformation

Last year I did bigger transformations, but this year I am in a new grade and it is not just not as possible. BUT, we still had a blast. I purchased my items from Oriental Trading and took advantage of free shipping. 

When my students arrived they were greeted by fun and thought provoking decor.

On their desk they were greeted with a treasure map. On the back I had typed up their task for the week. I am having my students collect gold coins to earn some extra recess time. This is going to be based on the entire class. That way my students who need extra support will still be able to earn the reward at the end of the week. Come Friday after their quiz I would love to let them unwind!

On one of my black boards I draped the fish net.

I then attached the flag to make for a fun feel! I teach two math classes so I will put up the jewels each class earns to see how much extra recess they will have.
I adore this little parrot!

Now, I told myself that I was not going to buy each of my students an eye patch. BUT, I just couldn't resist! Below are Amazon Affiliate links to some awesome items I used during this classroom flip! The other items were purchased from Oriental Trading.

Cloth Ragged Ship Door CurtainNatural Fish Net Wall DecorationPirate Treasure Maps

The Content 

This part is crucial! Yes it may look like my students are having a blast this week, because they are!, but we are also working hard. This week is a review of all operations with decimals. I have created four pirate themed activities, one for each operation. Again, students will be earning gold coins for equations that they solve correctly. 

I wanted to do this review week, even though it is not part of my curriculum. I feel so often that students are not given enough practice with skills they have learned, and therefore they forget.

With our math series my students work on a spiraled review packet each day. This week will provide them with more rigorous review before we transition into fractions. 

I am using these activities during my Math Workshop. I will have my students complete one activity a day. Before we enter workshop I will review with the class the operation that my lower group is going to be working on that day.

Check out my activities below. Be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win this resource!

In this game students are working to find the treasure! There are 24 task cards so each student will have a chance to earn up to 2 gold coins. Students can complete these task cards as a scoot game or center. However, I have added a dice to make it even more engaging. Students will roll the dice and are only able to solve a card with that image. This helps to ensure that students are not rushing through the problems and promotes a group activity.

This game is designed similar to the board game, Battleship. However - it has been a LONG time since I played LOL. Students will be doing a little backwards work here. I set these game boards up on file folders to shield their board. Students will first need to record the answers that they are given. These coincide with the differences to the subtraction problems on the task cards. Students will place their answers where ever they want on the grid.

Next, students will pick a task card to solve. My students love working on white boards and it is a quick clean up. After the students solves the equation they can self check their work with their opponent. That student will then try and sink one of the ships of their opponent. This student will call out a coordinate, "A 7". If it hits a number they get an extra coin! Students will use the bombs to record where their opponent fired! 

This game is called, What Does the Pirate Need? In this activity students will be completing word problems. On each task card I have placed an item that they will be purchasing, as well as its cost. Students will need to complete the work problems using the amounts provided.

If time allows they can challenge each other by telling them what items to buy!

The last game included is called "Walk the Plank!"Students will be using the game board provided. They will take turns spinning the spinner and moving on the board.

When students complete the game - the winner is awarded an extra gold coin. If time remains they can start over. With the replay, the challenge is they will only be able to solve the problems they have not already done. They will be able to tell this due to the recording sheet.

Click the image below to go to this resource.


Click the image below to check out the sampler of this resource. It contains a comparing decimals activity that aligns with this resource. 


I am BEYOND excited for this resource. I truly would love to see it benefit other teachers and their students. While it contains some prep, it will be well worth it! 

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