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September 1, 2016

A New Adventure & Picture Book a Day

Have you heard?! I switched grades! Like big time.

For the past 5 years I have been a kindergarten teacher. Truly, the experience has made me a better teacher. But this year I will be teaching 5th grade!!! YESSSS so excited for this new adventure.

I have now finished the first week and I have to say, I love it. My kids are great and my grade partner is just out of this world. I have a feeling this will be a fantastic year.

Funny Story...

At the beginning of the summer I leveled my books by Guided Reading Level. Joke is on me, my school uses Accelerated Reader! LOL Oy, well back to leveling we go so I can get new books into my classroom for these kids.

I am in the process of leveling and labeling the binding of all of the books in order to keep them organized. 

I know, it is pretty pathetic looking. But we will get there very quickly! Besides, it gives me an excuse to place a large Scholastic Book Order in the beginning of the year so I can get all of those points!


While on Instagram I came across Teaching with a Touch of Twang. Now let me tell you. This girl is after my own heart. She is a lover of books just as I am. HOWEVER I do not get to teach reading - WAH! But that's okay because I am implementing #classroombookaday into my room.

At the end of my schedule we have what is called Team Time. Since we switch immediately after homeroom I do not have the time in the morning to do a Classroom Meeting. At the end of the day I am going to read one picture book to my students. Every day. For the school year.

I am so excited! Now granted, I started on Day 4 - but that is besides the point. And what's even better is I get to break out some of my wide collection of picture books. Sabra is doing a wonderful twist and reading #truestorytuesday this is going to be perfect for the beginning of the year because I want to read 14 Cows for America.

What We Read This Week

I started off with Mr. Peabody's Apples. All summer I was going back and forth about getting this book at a second hand store. Finally I just bought it and I am so glad I did. This book seriously blew my kids minds! 
This a powerful story to kick off the year and to explore the idea that words have power. And we know that they do!

Image result for mr. peabody's apples


On Friday's I want to keep the books light-hearted for my kids. But since it is still the beginning of the year I want to also build my classroom community. So, we are reading Spork. (you also need to read Spoon). 
Image result for spork book
This book is actually a fantastic way to kick off my Social Studies for the year. It is all about embracing differences. I want to build an environment of acceptance and appreciation for others. 

This will help my start the year in Social Studies because we will then create a culture project.

I am reading this book on the epic app. Don't have it?! Go check it out! It is free for teachers. I will be using it to read books aloud by displaying them on our smart board so that others can see more easily. 

Read To Your Kids

Every age. Read to them. And not just in reading class. Literature has so much power in the classroom and it is a wonderful tool for teachers to embrace. 

So now, what picture books are you reading to your students? Share them with me!

Click here to read more.

And be sure to get your free poster here for #bookaday.

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