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July 5, 2016

Research Projects for Google Drive

I am so excited about all I am learning to do with Google Drive! Thanks to Danielle Knight, I have a whole new vision for assignments with my students. Using 21st century skills, my students will be focusing on a digital project rather than bringing in a poster board project.

With my new line of Google Drive products students will meet common core research standards by using their tech skills. Now, I believe even our youngest learners could complete these assignments. It is just a matter of differentiating and timing. I believe research and note-taking are important skills to provide our students for their academic future. Especially giving credit to their sources.



Suggestions for Use K-1

I taught Kindergarten for 5 years and these kiddos can do A LOT! I would introduce this type of project around March when the magic begins to happen as those kinders transform! I would not give this as an assignment to an individual student but rather a class research project. Many primary teachers have taught about the rain forest and owls and done some awesome activities. 

So if we are already teaching out little ones and creating awesome activities, crafts, math and writing projects....let's kick it up a bit by going digital! Your students can bring information they have gathered at home and then work together or in small groups. There are so many great possibilities.
Note: When I use these types of projects with my students, there is a lot of scaffolding. I do not just jump right into it - it is a process of building knowledge and abilities. 

Why Google Drive?

SO MANY REASONS! The first being that the work saves automatically. Isn't that going to be a lifesaver for your sanity?! Schools are beginning transition to 1:1, and this can be a little nerve wracking. You may not be quite sure where to begin or how to use all of this wonderful technology. Don't worry - I got you covered ;). There are a wonderful group of educators who are taking the leap and creating wonderful digital resources.

Even if you are not 1:1 (I'm not!) But there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of the new technology that we are finding ourselves with.

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How Do I Share With My Students?

So you purchased one of my Google Drive products, now what?

Easy! When you purchase my product you will get a pdf download. Your first page will look like this.

I provide instructions for how to access the product. The link will direct you to make a copy of the product which will be saved right into your google slides. Make a copy of this and share it with your students! If you use Google Classroom you can easily receive the project back from your students if you assign it. If you do not have Google Classroom have your students send their direct link back to you!

A Sneak Peek Inside

Get excited! I am taking you into my latest Google Drive product. I am super excited for this one! PLUS - it can be used to help your students gain a better understanding of life in the Amazon. Pair it with learning about the Summer Games and it is a fantastic compliment!

First, your students will pick one of the provided animals to research about. 

 To activate their thinking they will complete this KWL chart! Everything is interactive as they can type right into the documents.

 This might be my favorite slide! They provide notes about facts they have collected. Then they can insert images into the film strip. So cool!

 Another great graphic organizer to showcase what they have learned in their research.

 Finally, compare and contrast with another rain forest animal.

 For this particular research project, students will expand their learning into the rain forest itself. They are asked to write an opinion paragraph about why we should take care of the rain forest. The provided graphic organizers are designed to expand their writing from notes to a full paragraph.

 And as always, students will be asked to include the location of the references they used.

I don't know about you. But I am getting excited for the upcoming school year!! I truly hope that these products help your writes grow throughout the school year!

Looking for more ways to use technology in your classroom? Check out this awesome link up below!

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  1. This is a really interesting project. I like how you have it well organized for younger students. I am going to show this to my sister for her child!