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November 27, 2015

Pete the Cat

Have you heard of Pete the Cat?! I truly hope so! I have been obsessed with Pete for about 3 years now and have turned every Kindergarten class into fanatics. It makes my heart happy to see them all gravitate towards Pete the Cat books at the book fair. What really makes me happy is knowing that I am building readers!

So let's talk about Pete. He is this awesome character who never gets upset about the things that may happen to him. Like ruining his shoes or losing some buttons of his coat. Our motto in Kindergarten has been adopted from Pete's attitude. "Do we get upset? Goodness no! We keep walking along and singing out song, because it's all good." I mean really - what a lesson to teach your kids? Life happens, but we decide how we react to it. And be honest here teachers, does getting upset really solve anything?

So thanks to Pete's wonderful attitude I have adorned my classroom with him - everywhere!

What is your awesome classroom theme?

And say hello to my Christmas presents to my kids this year. PETE THE CAT SAVES CHRISTMAS! You can get it for $4.00 on Scholastic Book Club. I know the will be excited because they love getting books. Making it Pete - is a slam dunk.
Cover art

This year I came across an awesome blog by The Brown Bag Teacher

Catherine gave awesome suggestions on how to make the most of your scholastic orders. I used her idea of getting the kids excited to read by letting them pick out some books for the order. Every month when the order comes in I let the kids have some D.E.A.R. time with the books. ( d.e.a.r. = drop everything and read)

They definitely get excited and we are at a point where they are requesting D.E.A.R. time! I ordered the birthday coupons for myself this year and used them to get the kiddos their Christmas gifts, as well as some books for me and the classroom. 

I also raffled off books for the kids as well. I basically picked the kids that do not order books and I know will most likely not. I know parents have different reasons for not ordering their kids books but it is always exciting to see the kids joy. Plus - it is a prize. Which makes it easier to give away.

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