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February 9, 2016

Integrating Multicultural Literature into the Classroom

If you have been watching my periscopes lately (@_kristen_z) you will know that I haven been doing scopes about a topic near and dear to my heart - multicultural education! I love it! I think it is  CRUCIAL to do in our primary classrooms. WHY? Because it fosters a lover and appreciation for all people.

Now, do not stress. I know I might go above and beyond (even though I do not think you can). I have been growing my library for some time now, and it keeps growing!

I feel that it is SO very important to not only have our students find themselves represented in literature, but it is also a window into another child's life. Part of being a great teacher is producing students who are well rounded. You have to expose them to so much in your 180 days together. It can be exhausting! But my philosophy is this - you can't depend on someone else to teach them. Especially as they get older. Now is the time. Primary grades, especially Kindergarten are the foundation. You are molding them into the person they will become. Leave a good framework.

Here is one way I integrate. 

I recently started moving away from the prescribed lessons in my reading series. EK! Yes it is hard work because I need to plan twice as hard, BUT! It is so worth it! Now, before you panic. I am still teaching my required comprehension skills and standards. I am just doing it MY way. 


Next week our skills is comparing and contrasting. For a while I was going back and forth and searching high and low for a book. Little did I know, it was right on my book shelf. 

Have you read this story? It is the story of the Lenape Indians. The story is told by a Traditional and Contemporary Lenape Girl. 

Can you get any more compare and contrasting than that?! Oh wait - it can! The story goes through the cycle of the seasons. SCORE!

See - it can be done. And you can do it too! Need any advice? I am happy to help. Email me at eatpraytravelteach@gmail.com !

Happy teaching!

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