January 3, 2016

Sunday Scoop

First Sunday Scoop of the New Year!

Exciting, but it also means tomorrow is Monday and break is over. NOOO! I have really been enjoying this time to relax. But I am excited to see my kiddos.

3 Have to do:
1.Don't we all really have to get into plan mode lol. I have so been into TpT and my blog over break, but today is back to lesson plans.
2.EKKK! My Osmo is in. I am beyond excited to use it in my centers.
3. Started a Whole 30 on the 1st and have to get focused for the week.

2 Hope to do:
1. Find a penguin toob. I found some arctic ones but we are doing penguins with this week and I really want them in my sensory bin. 
2. The final season. I am so devastated. We just got into and totally binged on all the seasons. I am so attached to these characters. 

1 Happy to do:
Lunch and movies with my aunts, mom and nana. Should be a good day. We are going to see Joy. Did anyone see it yet? 

Here is a taste of my new blog design. It should be live tomorrow. I am so excited about it!! It's gorgeous!

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  1. I have to do plan too!!! I really want to see Joy!!! Let me know how it is!

  2. Okay Nicole, as far as Joy goes....I wasn't a huge fan. Ek! I know, but I thought it was a little slow. BUT so many others loved it.