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January 13, 2016

Celebrating MLK Jr.

My discussion in my classroom began with their curiosity. Monday morning we were sitting at calendar and someone asked "what is that?", while pointing to the MLK Jr. holiday card. So here began our lesson on Dr. King. I touched very much on the surface about how he was a man who saw something wrong in the world and tried to change it.

Dr. King is a topic I try and go as in depth with as possible. I use him to introduce civil rights to my class. He is a gateway for my kinders to so many brave and wonderful individuals. 

Each day we spend a little time on him. Over the break I have my students complete a text to self study of Dr. King. The book provides background on MLK Jr. and then they are asked to describe their own experiences. I cannot find where I downloaded my version from, but here is another FREEBIE source. 

I love teaching with The Crayon Box That Talked because it is easy for the kids to relate to. Before reading I tell them to take our one crayon. I tell them to draw the sky, the sun, people, and a house. Of course I get giggles when I ask what is wrong with their picture. I explain it would be so boring if we only had on crayon to use. After reading we create our own crayon - and of course we use any colors we want. We create a self portrait and discuss how boring it would be if we were made with just one color or skin and the same face!

This year I brought in two eggs. I had my students describe their differences. I then asked them what they looked like on the inside, while cracking them open.

While the eggs may look different, they are the same on the inside. And on the inside is what truly matters. I explained how we are all different (because it would be boring if we weren't) and continued into how we are all the same on the inside. We have a heart that is full of love and kindness. That is what is most important. When we recorded how people are like eggs, their response was "They have different shells." I loved that! 

If you do the egg observation, this is a great freebie for your students to record their results. (Shout out to Katie Mense!)

Using technology in your classroom? You may enjoy this digital flip book!

Martin Luther King Jr.  Digital Flip Book

Books I Love:

I Have a Dream by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Why I love it: Gorgeous illustrations to accompany Dr. King's most famous speech. I purchased the copy that contains his original speech. (I play it in my car every year)

Confession: I have an obsession with Kadir Nelson's paintings. I try and purchase all of the books he does illustrations for. In my undergrad my one professor was related to him, so cool!

Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport

Why I love it: Kid's can easily relate. A beautiful book that speaks on love. How to combat the hatred of our world. (it is on Scholastic Book Clubs - go get it!)

The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane Derolf

Why I love it: it is a great way to teach how all crayons are important. Because it would be so boring if we only had one color to use. The same goes for people. How boring it would be if we all looked the same. God may each of us in his image, therefore we are all beautiful. He does not make mistakes!


Martin Luther King Jr. NatGeo
Why I love it: Because nonfiction is the way to go! Kids connect to what they can relate to. This is also on Scholastic Book Clubs! 

When we return from the Holiday, we will be making a peace headband for them to wear home.

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