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March 4, 2019

Favorite Recipes of February

This year I will be sharing some of our favorite recipes with you! I plan all of my meals for the week and do my grocery shopping based around that. I no longer spend hours in the kitchen on a Sunday to be prepped for the week. So, most of the meals I am making are easy/quick.

Eating Whole 30

I did my first Whole 30 a few years ago and think I have finally started to figure out my Food Freedom.This month my mom and boyfriend actually got on board with doing a round with me. All of us needed/wanted to lose weight but the biggest thing was changing habits after the holidays. When I am not on a Whole 30 round, my meals stay structured around the plan. All the recipes I am going to share with you are labeled as Paleo/Whole 30 but the way I see them is good food with clean and healthy ingredients.


These are my most simple meals. As a teacher I have 20 minutes to eat and do anything else that must be done before the kids come back.

This Greek Salad is so delicious and easy. I roast a whole chicken over the weekend and then have so much meat for lunches. I keep it simple with olives, cucumber, greens, EVOO, red wine vinegar and Greek seasoning. 

Zuppa Toscana

This soup is so easy and delicious. I have made it so many times that I no longer use a recipe and make it my own. Here is a a good recipe to start with.

Chinese Food Fridays

One of my favorite food bloggers shared how her family keeps one meal a week the same to keep things easy. For example - taco Tuesday. This month every Friday was inspired around Chinese takeout and they were my favorite meals!

General Tso's is my go to take out. This didn't mimic it exactly but I loved it and honestly felt so much better eating this and did not have any tummy troubles afterwards!

I have discovered the key to making the chicken taste like take out thanks to this recipe - tapicoa flour! This can always be made quickly for me as I always have bags of frozen stir fry, chicken and coconut aminos on hand. 

Special Meals

Valentine's Day came around during my latest Whole 30 round. We stayed in and cooked and honestly, it was as good as a restaurant thanks to my steaks being such great quality. I also sauteed some mushrooms in ghee and red wine vinegar and my tastes buds thanked me. 

Be sure to check back next month to see what I am loving! We will begin Lent this week so I will be getting creative with seafood and meatless dishes!

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