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November 19, 2017

2nd Grade Verbs Review Activities

I have been noticing that applying our grammar skills has been an area that my students are struggling most with during our ELA assessments. While grammar takes up a good portion of our literacy block, clearly my students need more support.

Keep reading to find out how we reviewed.

Starting this week I have begun to spiral our grammar skills more in class. I feel that too often students memorize something in order to do well on a test and then it is forgotten. Application is also a large part of students to show they have mastered a skill.

In my classroom we use Journeys for our reading series. Lesson 10, Super Storms, focuses on action verbs. To review for our upcoming test we complete centers focused on action verbs.

Not only were these centers fun for my students, they showed me a lot of where there weakness and strengths are. 

Headband Game

This was so much fun! I saw other teachers take a spin on the popular game and play it in their classroom to review concepts. So, I figured I would give it a go!

As a thank you for being a follower, you can grab this game for free! Click here to download.

Boom Cards/Task Cards

At the second station, students worked on the laptops to complete the boom cards I created. For these cards, students had to read the sentences and type the verb in the box. Cards are self-correcting for students. In addition, the teacher can view the data on the individual students. Great way to assess your students as well.

If you have not tried Boom Cards yet, I have included traditional task cards as well. Students will read the sentences and write the verb on the recording sheet. My students love to complete task cards as a whole group scoot game!

Click here to check out the task cards.

Verb Tense

During our rotations, one group was always working with me. My students are still struggling with present tense and irregular past tense verbs. So - that is what we reviewed!

Students had to identify the verbs and then the correct spelling for each verb tense. If time remained, we practiced using the verbs in sentences.

Noun and Verb Sort

Our final station is one students will need to identify nouns and verbs. A few of my students are still struggling with the concept of nouns vs verbs, so this will certainly be in the rotation again. 

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