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March 30, 2016

Fairy Tale Writing in Kindergarten

I truly believe in setting expectations high! Truly a kinder can do ANYTHING if you give them the resources to be successful. This week I started having my students write a class book. It is one that we will PUBLISH!

Published Authors

Talk about writing for a purpose! I showed my class a book that was written by the 2nd graders when they were in K. They couldn't believe it! So of course they wanted to write one too.

I will be using Student Treasures, a FREE book publishing company. Parents have the option of purchasing a book for $19.95, but really just need to sign the form to release their child's work. Then we get a FREE class book! Monumental for them. Memento for me! Win-Win.


So, of course we need a plan of action before we beginning writing. I had my students do a little Fairy Tale Research before we began writing. We are discussing how fairy tales have certain elements. In class we are reading as many fairy tales as I can get my hands on! I am also reading fractured fairy tales that would interest my boys. Such as, Little Red Ninja Hood.

For homework they were asked to read a fairy tale. Then, they were to discuss the different elements by completing this graphic organizer.

Up next - writing our own Fairy Tale!

This was not something I could just give to my students to start writing. They are 6 and do not yet have their author's voice. To get them excited I got a little help from the Resource Ranch. 

I purchased her Fairy Tale Writing product on Teachers Pay Teachers. I gave my students one card from each category: character, setting and problem. They had the option of using that idea or creating their own. 

They then filled out their fairy tale plan. They were so very excited to get their creative juices flowing!

The next day they began writing their fairy tale. The filled out the sheet below. It was so exciting, for me and them, to see their story coming together!

They then take their plan home (with their story mostly written) and complete a rough draft as a family. In class I will complete their final copy with them. That will be sent in to be published. 

Learning should be fun and engaging! Even if you do not have time to have it published you can absolutely do an author's chair and let them all read their own fairy tale. The look of pride and accomplishment is the best! 

 I mean just look at that concentration! 

She is so into her story! 

I could literally see (and hear) her thinking!

Giving my students a purpose, gave them drive. 

Even those that struggle with writing were off and running!

This is why I teach!


Click here to get a copy of my graphic organizers. 

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