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November 24, 2015

Yoga and Turkey Day

Okay we are now in the last few days before Thanksgiving break, and thankfully my little ones are not too off the wall. 

We did not have gym class today so I decided to do some yoga with my kiddos. BEST idea of the day! I used Cosmic Kids Yoga, she has a channel YouTube. I highly recommend that you subscribe and utilize the videos in your classroom. 

Totally engagement and active for the entire video. 25 minutes! I am loving it. Any way to build my students to be better, is awesome with me!

We also took the opportunity to make some art projects. This week our Phonics focus is Ii, so of course my aide had an Indian project. (We made pilgrims earlier).

Check out the turkey outside of my classroom - isn't it just the best? What makes it even better is the wondeful things that my kiddos are thankful for. Not going to lie, seeing that I made the list of things to be thankful for makes me feel like I am doing my job right.  I can't wait to see what is a gift they would want to give baby Jesus!
Here is another look into my hallway. During Pp week we made paper bag pumpkins as an art project.  I have to say, my aide is such an invaluable resource for me. She brings so many ideas that I never would have thought of. For example - using a hand print pattern and simply tracing it for the kids to cut, versus having them trace their own hands. Yes, this is a skill that they will accomplish down the road, but for now that trick is super helpful!

The last of my hallway decorations is the Indian Corn. How perfect is it to focus on Ii for two weeks right before Thanksgiving! The kiddos did such an awesome job with their corn! Their task was to use three crayons in an ABC pattern. Some are not yet finished, which is fine by me - because it means they are taking their time!

Even though it is a short week, it is jammed packed! Advent begins on Sunday and I am super excited for the project that we have coming up. Be sure to check back tomorrow!

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