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This year I am teaching 5th grade. Therefore my structure of centers has drastically changed! But, yes, I still am utilizing centers. I feel that they are a valuable component of the school day. Centers allow for individualized instruction for students.

This year my centers are done during our RTII block. My students are split into 4 groups: enrichment, intervention and on-level support. 


For my enrichment students, they have been working on this project based learning. It has really given their brains a workout! It as been the perfect way to have them work with decimals in a more advanced way.

Project Based Learning: Create a Personal Budget


For my on-level students I have them working in small groups to complete task cards. These are a fantastic way for me to easily assess which students understand the concepts we have been covering.

5th Grade Math Task Cards Complete Set {Common Core Aligned}


This group of students I meet with in each session. My other students I will rotate around and check in as necessary. My intervention students however require my attention in the greatest extent. I structure my centers in a way that the my other groups are able to complete their tasks within the group without much extra guidance from myself.

For math this year with an utilizing enVision 2.0. My intervention group walks through the reteaching section of the lessons to provide that additional support. 

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