March 1, 2017

Native American Diorama Projects

A large portion of our 5th grade Social Studies Curriculum is learning about Native Americans. We begin by learning about the first Americans and their journey to North America from Siberia. We then discuss tribes and cultural regions in North and South America. I have also been able to extend their learning in discussions on current events and how pipelines are impacting Native Americans.

Overall this was a great unit for myself and my students. I can not wait to expand it even more for next year.

To conclude our unit I gave my students two weeks to work on a diorama for a native group we learned about. I put all of the groups we focused on in a hat and let them pick.

These projects came back and I was SO IMPRESSED! I really wanted them to use natural resources versus spending money.

Prior to beginning their project I had the students complete a planning page. Check out the rubric and planning page I grabbed here.

Check out some of the projects below.

I am reaching out to our local library to see if I could place a few of them on display.

This one is so creative! They used graham crackers and that is a real cactus!!

The Makahs might be my favorite. It is so cool to see how the students represented their tribes.

Up next we are learning about explorers. Any creative ideas for my students to create!?

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