November 23, 2015

Our Visit to the U.S.

So to begin my Holidays Around the World I figured there was no better place to begin than at home!  I bought this awesome bulletin board set from Carson-Dellosa and wanted to put it to use right away! Check it out here

My game plan is to add one child to our map as we travel to the new countries. As we travel I am very excited to add in my own pictures and knowledge from some of the countries. I really want this to be an eye opening lesson and a great experience for my kids. Since I don't know everything - much to their surprise I am sure - I am reaching out to parents to help me. There is a parent in the school who is the priest at the Russian Orthodox Church down the block from my school. Um, how awesome would it be if he came in to speak to my kids! (fingers crossed!)

Now, I would like to say that my Native American lesson was thought out and planned for a decent amount of time. Unfortunately, that was not the case. This idea came to me right before my kids went to computer class. So I ran with it! 45 minutes later I had a mini-lesson prepared. 

It was a smooth transition as we are discussing Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Native Americans. We discussed how the different tribes were known for certain characteristics. I showed them on the United States map where certain tribes lived, as well as what they hunted. Then we read Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message. We tied this lesson into how we give thanks to God and that is something the Native Americans always did - give thanks. After I read them the story we watched the scholastic version. It is fantastic because not only is it narrated by Chief Jake Swamp, but he speaks in his native tongue as well. I love giving my students the opportunity to hear different languages and accents, I feel that it expands their world beyond the English they hear every day. Check out the youtube video or visit amazon

I really might need to invest in amazon prime!

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